Where I come from every student must write a really, really long essay before going to university. This essay is called Treball de Recerca, or TR, and it’s an ongoing piece of work that determines your final grade by a LOT. Every student gets a tutor and one whole year to do the written essay, the presentation and the documentary (if needed).

Needless to say, it’s the most difficult thing ever. You have to do endless research all by yourself and prepare at least 50 pages of content that will be judged by three experts on the subject and who will ignore you for the whole hour of your presentation, making you feel like trash. Not a fun time at all.

My TR is about princess’ protocol and how someone not from the royal family can live by them long term, all of it while studying my last year before Uni and having singing classes and rehearsals every two days. I didn’t want to start by my country’s princess for I wanted a more open concept of princess, a more international one.

And of course, so ever lovely Kate was there to help me out. With the help of Tony Blair, a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom  and who has guided Kate for years in terms of manners and Britain’s knowledge, I have recopilated a bunch of protocol norms that are a must for any princess in the world.


Table Manners

  1. When eating, elbows must be off the table.
  2. When making a toast, look ahead and don’t lift the glass higher than your head.
  3. When eating, you must eat small bites and when drinking, you must drink small sips.

Posing manners

  1. To get out of cars, a princess must get out from the side and with her legs closed.
  2. When sitting, a princess keeps her back straight and her legs closed.
  3. When walking, your feet must follow a straight line and keep your back straight and your head high.


Kingdom knowledge

  1. A princess must know everything about her country. It is important that she knows about geography, economics and just about everything that affects her people.
  2. Tradition always comes first, so she has to know in deep detail about the popular events that take place in her kingdom.

Other general Manners

  1. A princess must never interrupt anyone, especially someone above her on the social pyramid.
  2. Gossiping or talking about oneself’s life is forbidden.
  3. Partying is not common for a princess, and if she has to meet with friends, she does it in palace or her friend’s homes.
  4. Dressing well is a must. Elegant, traditional clothing is prefered.

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