Spring is coming and with it, my happiness returns.

I have always influenced by the weather around me. I am a rather emotional person and I’m aware of it, so I try to get over hard times with  every tool there is to help me, even though it hardly ever works. When winter comes something inside me dies. Am I the only one that gets sad when the sun isn’t shining?

It doesn’t make sense to talk about that now, though, for I can hear little birds outside my wide open window as I’m writing this post. There’s that special perfume in the air, like it knows good things are about to happen.

I guess I associate this time of the year with good things in my life. When I was young my parents used to take me to this very luxurious hotel next to the beach, by the end of April. Instead of hotel rooms there were full houses for each person there, and they were surrounded by palm trees and little ponds. Everyday I’d wake up and go out for breakfast with my family and friends, and then we’d go to Port Aventura. I remember getting so excited and happy for that week to come… It truly was the highlight of my year. I guess it was easier before.


There’s also Sant Jordi, a tradition I am very fond about and that, for me, holds the true meaning of love.  I used to get so excited to recieve a rose and a book, and go pray to that little statue surrounded by flowers in my school. I felt so connected to my land, to my sacred place. It really was easier before.

Resultado de imagen de sant jordi

I also like spring for the flowers. I am very fond of flowers, and it makes me really happy to think that right now, every flower is blooming and becoming more and more beautiful. I want to go to La Ciutadella sometime this month, to see all the beautiful things growing ther this spring.





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