TR: Kate Middleton’s protocol musts

Where I come from every student must write a really, really long essay before going to university. This essay is called Treball de Recerca, or TR, and it’s an ongoing piece of work that determines your final grade by a LOT. Every student gets a tutor and one whole year to do the written essay, the presentation and the documentary (if needed).

Needless to say, it’s the most difficult thing ever. You have to do endless research all by yourself and prepare at least 50 pages of content that will be judged by three experts on the subject and who will ignore you for the whole hour of your presentation, making you feel like trash. Not a fun time at all.

My TR is about princess’ protocol and how someone not from the royal family can live by them long term, all of it while studying my last year before Uni and having singing classes and rehearsals every two days. I didn’t want to start by my country’s princess for I wanted a more open concept of princess, a more international one.

And of course, so ever lovely Kate was there to help me out. With the help of Tony Blair, a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom  and who has guided Kate for years in terms of manners and Britain’s knowledge, I have recopilated a bunch of protocol norms that are a must for any princess in the world.


Table Manners

  1. When eating, elbows must be off the table.
  2. When making a toast, look ahead and don’t lift the glass higher than your head.
  3. When eating, you must eat small bites and when drinking, you must drink small sips.

Posing manners

  1. To get out of cars, a princess must get out from the side and with her legs closed.
  2. When sitting, a princess keeps her back straight and her legs closed.
  3. When walking, your feet must follow a straight line and keep your back straight and your head high.


Kingdom knowledge

  1. A princess must know everything about her country. It is important that she knows about geography, economics and just about everything that affects her people.
  2. Tradition always comes first, so she has to know in deep detail about the popular events that take place in her kingdom.

Other general Manners

  1. A princess must never interrupt anyone, especially someone above her on the social pyramid.
  2. Gossiping or talking about oneself’s life is forbidden.
  3. Partying is not common for a princess, and if she has to meet with friends, she does it in palace or her friend’s homes.
  4. Dressing well is a must. Elegant, traditional clothing is prefered.


Spring is coming and with it, my happiness returns.

I have always influenced by the weather around me. I am a rather emotional person and I’m aware of it, so I try to get over hard times with  every tool there is to help me, even though it hardly ever works. When winter comes something inside me dies. Am I the only one that gets sad when the sun isn’t shining?

It doesn’t make sense to talk about that now, though, for I can hear little birds outside my wide open window as I’m writing this post. There’s that special perfume in the air, like it knows good things are about to happen.

I guess I associate this time of the year with good things in my life. When I was young my parents used to take me to this very luxurious hotel next to the beach, by the end of April. Instead of hotel rooms there were full houses for each person there, and they were surrounded by palm trees and little ponds. Everyday I’d wake up and go out for breakfast with my family and friends, and then we’d go to Port Aventura. I remember getting so excited and happy for that week to come… It truly was the highlight of my year. I guess it was easier before.


There’s also Sant Jordi, a tradition I am very fond about and that, for me, holds the true meaning of love.  I used to get so excited to recieve a rose and a book, and go pray to that little statue surrounded by flowers in my school. I felt so connected to my land, to my sacred place. It really was easier before.

Resultado de imagen de sant jordi

I also like spring for the flowers. I am very fond of flowers, and it makes me really happy to think that right now, every flower is blooming and becoming more and more beautiful. I want to go to La Ciutadella sometime this month, to see all the beautiful things growing ther this spring.




My forest and I.

When I was little, I spoke to the trees.

I spent most of my childhood summers on a small campsite next to an old village. Next to the campsite there was this river, so long and beautiful, but it was always dry in summer so the children went down to play on it.

I wasn’t that interested in the dry river, though. I liked looking at them while sitting down next to the trees and the flowers, and slowly getting to know them without actually knowing their names. I knew which ones withered the quickest, so I didn’t bring those to my mum, who was busy making jam out of the berries she collected. I knew which wood sticks were best for building houses in the middle of the forest and which ones would rot at the first summer rain of the season.

My friends and I truly believed that forest loved us. We spent hours in it, sharing stories about forest spirits and fairies that made those small, white flowers I adored grow every spring. We sat on the ground, next to the old trees, inside our wood fort and we just let time pass. I remember looking at the flowers and wanting to cry because I felt so connected to that place, like it was my sanctuary. I really loved my forest. I still do, and tears come to my eyes when I think about it. I took care of it, I lived in it. It was what brought me peace.

A few years ago I went into that same forest again and it was a really strange experience. It just looked so… empty of life. As I walked through it and I remembered all those things I had felt years ago, something in my chest kept tightening every step I took.  I had left it alone. My forest and I had grown up separated, and now we weren’t together anymore. How could I have done something like that to my dearest friend? I remember smiling, frowning, opening my mouth several times, all of it remembering all those beautiful moments I had shared with it.  16 year old me realized how much she loved her forest because she had been away from it for years. It was a life changing experience.

Now I keep a little of that forest  with me at all times. I see it on every wild flower, on every tree. I see my childhood and my love for every forest in the world. I just had to realize that, I guess. My little forest and I didn’t grow apart, we grew up together.



To everyone who is reading,

My name is Nia. I’m 18 and I’m from a sunny, sunny country with long beaches and high mountains right at the bottom of Europe. This blog is basically a bunch of letters to myself and it will contain everything from reminding me of past events or experiences to moodboards or little stories.

This first post is here to remind myself to not put too much effort on this … blog? Diary? I already have a diary, so I guess this is a blog. It’s okay to post whatever I want, for this is my safe space from all the bad stuff in the world. I know this will bring the consistence I need in my life and I’m very excited to share all of that with anyone who’s willing to read it.

That’s all for now.